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Client Needs

You need an attorney who is knowledgeable about business and has the experience to successfully negotiate, document, and execute a business and financial plan.

You intend to form, acquire, or sell a business.

You need a lawyer to handle both litigation and regulatory matters in the normal course of business.

Attorney Experience

Phil Harmon began his banking career at the Huntington National Bank, Columbus, Ohio as a credit analyst and then a commercial lending officer. He managed the Bank's overall relationship with Nationwide Insurance Companies, the largest commercial account relationship in the Bank at the time. He served as the Bank's liaison to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).


Later, at the National Bank of Washington, Washington, D.C., Phil was named Manager of the Loan Review Department pursuant to a Consent Decree issued by the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency. He reported to the President of the Bank and to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, including former National Security Advisor and then-President of Kissinger Associates, Inc., Gen. B. Scowcroft.


Later, Phil was assigned to organize and manage the International Loan Syndication Department of the Bank to provide loans to foreign governments and quasi-governmental infrastructure operations. As head on Int'l. Loan Syndication Dept., Phil arranged the largest syndicated loan in Bank's history, i.e. equipment financing of a Brazilian hydro-electric facility.


Phil subsequently joined the Shawmut Bank of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, where he was Assistant Vice President, Energy Lending Department, with a focus on alternative energy, nuclear and oil/gas industries. Phil managed the International Investors Conference for the Bank.


Mr. Harmon was a delegate to the International Banking Conference, Moscow, Russia, co-sponsored by the Central Bank of Russia and the U.S. Federal Reserve. He has foreign language training in Russian and Korean.


During the Iran-Contra matter, Phil organized a private operation under U.S. State Department oversight and control to bring pressure upon Nicaraguan President Ortega to release an American citizen (Sam Hall) from Nicaraguan custody. Mr. Hall was released just prior to the State of the Union Address that year by President Reagan.


Phil represented the developers of the first commercial business at Polaris Centers of Commerce, Columbus, Ohio, Ables Golf Center, later sold to Golden Bear Enterprises.